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Profile - Bruce R. Parker - Bio

Bruce R. Parker

Company Information

Venable LLP
750 E Pratt St Ste 900
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 244-7534
Member Bio

Mr. Parker served as President of the International Association of Defense Counsel (the IADC) from 2006-2007. The IADC is the oldest association comprised of invited, experienced attorneys acting on behalf of the defense bar in over 22 countries. Mr. Parker has been very active in the IADC, having served as the Director of its renown Trial Academy and as Chair of the Drug, Device, and Biotech Committee as well as leading numerous other committees and programs. Mr. Parker is on the Board of Directors of the Defense Research Institute ("DRI") and the Lawyers for Civil Justice. In all, Mr. Parker has authored over 30 papers and newsletters of which 20 were written for the IADC and address epidemiology, immunology, biostatistics and trial practice. He has also given over 35 lectures on those topics to several groups. Mr. Parker was appointed in 2001 by the DRI to co-chair its Corporate Initiate Task Force, a project geared to increase corporate membership in DRI. Mr. Parker is a past President of the Maryland Association of Defense Trial Counsel and was chairman of the Legal Services Committee of the Baltimore City Bar Association from 1991-2000. Mr. Parker served on the Board of Roland Park Place, a continuing care retirement center. He served as President of First English Evangelical Lutheran Church in 2005 and has served as a Co-Trustee of its Endowment Fund since 2001.


Mr. Parker has published a number of scientific and trial practice articles. His publications include:

•"Mold Litigation: Avoidable or Inevitable?," Real Estate Review, Fall 2003
•"A New Weapon to Defeat Junk Science," For The Defense, July 2003
•"Cross-Examination of Daubert Experts," Chapter IV,Advocacy in the 21st Century-Essays by Leading Defense Practitioners, IADC, 2002
•"The New Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence," For the Defense, June 2001
•"Trial Cross-Examination of Daubert Experts," Chapter 10, Challenging Expert Witness Testimony, IADC, 2000
•"How to Find the Junk Science: Are Rule 706 Panels the Answer?," For The Defense, December, 1999
•"Pharmaceutical Recalls: Strategies for Minimizing the Damage," Drug Information Journal, 1999
•"Debunking Junk Science: Techniques for Effective Use of Biostatistics," Defense Counsel Journal, 1999
•"Closing the Gate on Junk Science: How to Make Daubert Work for You," Defense Counsel Journal, 1998
•"Understanding Epidemiology and Its Use in Drug and Medical Device Litigation," Defense Counsel Journal, 1998 [winner of George Yancey Award]
•"Products Liability Class Actions and the Proposed Revisions to Rule 23: Back to the Future?," Defense Counsel Journal, 1997 [winner of George Yancey Award]
• "An Introduction to Basic Concepts in Immunology," Defense Counsel Journal, 1996
• "Recalls, Why It Pays To Do It Right," Drug Information Journal, 1994
• "Pitfalls of Testing in Products and Design Defect Cases," Defense Counsel Journal, 1993
• "What Can Be Done to Enforce Mediation Agreements," Defense Counsel Journal, 1992
• "Insurance Bad Faith Litigation in Maryland, Special Problems for the Defense Lawyer," Barrister, 1987

Mr. Parker's trial practice newsletters include the following:

• "Defendants may be at Risk of Having to Pay Twice to Settle Tort Claims of Medicare Recipients," IADC, Product Liability Committee, February 2004
• "The Impact of HIPAA on Ex Parte Interviews with Plaintiffs' Treating Physicians: Preemption or Red Herring?," IADC, Drug, Device and Biotech Committee, December 2003
• "The Work Product Rule v. Equal Protection: Which Wins in a Batson Challenge?," IADC, Advocacy, Practice and Procedure Committee, January 2003
• "Weak Link or Pandora’s Box? Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Questions Raised by the Exaggerating Plaintiff," IADC, Drug, Device and Biotech Committee, October 2002
• "Overlapping Multiple-State Class Actions: Federal Legislation May Be on the Way," IADC, Drug, Device and Biotech Committee, June 2002
• "Joint Defense Agreements: Is the Co-defendant a Friend or Foe?" IADC, Advocacy, Practice & Procedure Committee, November 2001
• "Putting the Horse Back in Front of the Cart: Lessons from a Decade of Breast Implant Litigation," DRI Newsletter, Industry Wide Committee, Spring 2000
• "Clinical Causation Testimony: How to Keep the Treater Behind Daubert's Gate," DRI Newsletter, Drug and Medical Device Committee, Fall 1998
• "Daubert Update: The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Reverses Summary Judgment for UpJohn Company Which Was Based on the Inadmissibility of Plaintiffs’ Causation Evidence," IADC, Products Liability Committee, 1996-97
• "Claim Bifurcation in Class Action Litigation: Questions of Constitutionality, Practicality and Superiority," IADC, Products Liability Committee, April 1995-96
• "Post-Sale Continuing Duty to Warn: An Emerging Doctrine and Its Implications for Litigation Strategy," IADC, Products Liability Committee, December 1994-95
• "The Differing Standards Imposed Upon a Surety When Compromising Claims Under An Indemnity Agreement," IADC, Fidelity and Surety Committee, February 1994-95
• "Where Claim Is Based on Multiple Separate Contracts, Miller Act Requires Notice Within 90 Days of Last Activity Under Each Contract," IADC, Fidelity and Surety Committee, April 1993-94
• "Admissibility of Recall Documents," IADC, Products Liability Committee, September 1992-93


Mr. Parker has lectured at the following seminars and meetings:

• "Medical Causation and Epidemiologic Issues," DRI Young Lawyers' Program, September 2007
• "Emerging Issues that May Impact Litigation in the United States and Europe," 2007 DRI/IADC Joint International Conference, May 2007
• "Recent Advances in Legal Reform and Building a Stronger Foundation for Future Action," LCJ 2007 Annual Membership Meeting, May 2007
• DRI Young Lawyers’ Program on Epidemiology, October 2005
• "Corporate Crisis and Response: Litigation Strategies for Survival," Panel Moderator, IADC Corporate CounselCollege, April 2004
• "Batten Down the Hatches: The Latest Movements of the Plantiff's Bar," ACI 9th Annual Conference for In-House Counsel & Trial Attorneys, December 2004
• "A Decade of Daubert -- Keeping the Gate Closed," IADC Annual Meeting, June 2003
• "Legal Briefing: Codes, ADA and Mold," National Facilities Management & Technology Conference Exposition, March 2003
• "Medical Causation," DRI Young Lawyers Seminar on Drugs and Medical Devices, September 2002
• "Lessons Learned When Cases Go Bad," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting, February 2002
• "Epidemiology: It Sounds Good in Theory, But Does It Work in Trial?" Am. Conf. Institute Seminar, December 2001
• "How To Use Your Epidemiologist Tactically To Win Your Case," Am. Conf. Institute Seminar, December 1999
• "How to Survive Industry-Wide Litigation: Lessons Learned from Past," American Trucking Association Annual Meeting, November 1999
• "Product Liability Aspects of Drug and Device Recalls," Barnett International, September 1999
• "How to Find the Junk Science: Are Rule 706 Panels the Answer?" IADC Annual Meeting, July 1999
• "Epidemiology" DRI Young Lawyers Seminar on Drugs and Medical Devices, April 1999
• "Scientific Panels, Is Rule 706 the Answer?," Network of Trial Law Firms, April 1999
• "Drug and Device Recalls – Do Them Right," Barnett International, January 1999
• "Product Recalls: How to Avoid Making a Bad Situation Worse," Network of Trial Law Firms,October 1998
• "Masters in Trial Advocacy," IADC Annual Meeting – Open Forum, (Program Chair), July 1998
• "Pharmaceutical Recalls: Strategies for Minimizing the Damage," Drug Information Association, June 1998
• "Debunking Junk Science: Techniques for Effective Use of Biostatistics," DRI, Drug and Medical Device Seminar, May 1998
• "Effective Strategies for Closing the Door on Junk Science Experts," Network of Trial Law Firms, April 1998
• "Strategies for Cross-Examining A Daubert Expert: What To Do When the Court Opens the Gate," Product Liability Seminar, DRI, Toxic Tort Subcommittee Program, February 1998
• "Latest Scientific Developments in Silicone Breast Implants: A Defense Perspective," Mealey's Seminars, January 1998
• "Future Trends in Drug and Medical Device Litigation," Network of Trial Law Firms, April 1997
• "Time Limitations: How to Win Cases and Beat the Clock," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting, February 1997
• "Primer on Epidemiology," American Conference Institute, December 1996
• "Immunology for Lawyers," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting, February 1996
• "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity," Baltimore City Bar Association - Products Liability Committee, October 1995
• "Evidentiary Issues in Recalls," IADC Annual Meeting, June 1994
• "Monster Litigation Part II," Diversity and Venue Issues, IADC Annual Meeting, June 1994
• "Construction Damages Part II," IADC Annual Meeting, June 1994
• "Construction Damages Part I," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting, February 1994
• "Overview on Products Liability," Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, October 1993
• "Drug Recalls, Why it Pays To Do Them Right," Drug Information Association Annual Meeting, April 1993
• "Bad Faith," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting (Program Chair), February 1993
• "When are Secrets Really Secrets?," Drug Information Association, April 1992
• "Construction Mediation," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting, February 1992
• "Pitfalls of Testing Products in Design Defect Cases," IADC Mid-Winter Meeting, February 1992
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