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Profile - Sean C. Griffin - Bio

Sean C. Griffin

Company Information

Dykema Gossett PLLC
1301 K Street NW Ste1100 W
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 906-8703
Member Bio
I focus on commercial litigation and legal malpractice defense. Also, I handle compliance investigations, particularly cases involving anti-bribery law and securities law violations.

I handle a broad range of commercial litigation cases, often including allegations of fraud. For example, I represented a client in a breach of contract and fraud case to recover money fraudulently diverted through the use of corporate alter egos. In another case, I arbitrated a claim against a company that had misappropriated his client’s construction funds. I have sued to enforce letters of credit and payment schedules in state and federal courts around the country. I have also represented investors in fraud cases based upon the defendants’ misrepresentations of their net worth and liquidity.

Outside the commercial litigation context, I represent attorneys and law firms accused of legal malpractice. These cases frequently involve an attorney’s alleged conflict of interest, an alleged breach of the attorney’s duty of loyalty, or an alleged misappropriation of funds.

I also counsel firms on data privacy and cybersecurity matters. Such counseling involves "an ounce of prevention," whereby I advise companies on data privacy best practices, including establishing data privacy procedures and ensuring appropriate transparency in said procedures. I also assist companies that have suffered a breach or a cyber attack mitigate the ensuing damages and repair their systems.

Additionally, I represent directors in various shareholder derivative suits. I often defend directors against derivative suits alleging breach of fiduciary duty based upon the directors’ response to a buyout offer. I have written on derivative suits based upon a company’s admitted or suspected violations of the FCPA.
Firm Information
Dykema is distinguished by our cost-effective and collaborative partnerships with our clients. We deliver practical, results-oriented counsel earning accolades from clients nationwide for our efforts on their behalf in the courtroom and in the boardroom.

We are focused on delivering outstanding results and we strive, at every level, to develop relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual respect. Unparalleled client service is at the heart of our approach to the practice of law. That focus has been a cornerstone of our success for the past 85 years. We hire the best and the brightest talents and instill in all a commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and the achievement of their business and legal goals.

We serve clients around the world from our 15 strategically situated offices in Michigan, Illinois, Washington, D.C., Texas, California, and Minnesota. Through our practice management structure and our focused Industry Groups, we know and understand the industries in which our clients compete, from Automotive to Energy, from Hospitality and Gaming to Financial Institutions. Bottom line, we are attuned to the latest industry trends that affect our clients’ businesses, enabling us to provide counsel that is comprehensive, insightful and cost-effective.

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Practice Areas
Commercial Litigation
Construction Law
Employment Law
General Litigation
Insurance Law
Labor Law
Lawyers' Professionalism & Ethics
Trial Tactics
DRI Committees
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
Diversity and Inclusion
Insurance Law
Professional Liability

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