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Item Detail - Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Compendium

Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Compendium
Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Compendium

Each toxic tort and environmental lawsuit is unique. Certain common themes and approaches, however, resonate across cases and demand the careful attention and diligent execution of the litigator and trial attorney to ensure the best-prepared and most effective elicitation and presentation of the relevant medicine and science, and ultimately, the defense of the case. To that end, the Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Committee offers this new compendium, addressing cutting-edge legal and scientific issues and defense trial tactics. In light of the ever-creative efforts of the plaintiffs’ bar to create new and expanded causes of action and pools of defendants in efforts to castigate American business and transfer wealth, coupled with maturing jurisprudence emanating from the trial and appellate courts on the critical issues of causation and liability, the time is more than right to highlight certain important topics that will aid the defense practitioner in defending these cases.

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